Be like the flower, blossom freely and let the bees rob your heart!
— Ramakrishna

About Minuit SAUVAGE

Minuit Sauvage is the alchemy of dream and creation.

Create universes by combining nature, by playing with colours, by working with exceptional flowers, whether they are wild flowers, garden flowers, amazing foliages or dried flowers, and bring out the most beautiful of them.

I am so lucky to work in an inspiring, beautiful, precious, sensitive, heartful and sharing work where creativity is limitless, incredible and therapeutic.

About Claire Augustyniak

Claire Augustyniak, a young woman of 36 years old, talented and so inspiring, brings a dreamlike look at the world that delights in flowers, like a photographer who photograph nature as a painting. As a child, it is beside her maternal grandfather, in her wonderful garden in the French Alps, that she will discover the enchanted and fascinating world of flowers...

Over the years, Claire will nourish her two passions: flowers and photography and settle in 2014 as an Artisan Florist and open La Boutique-Atelier "Roses by Claire" in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and she has written 3 books about the Floral “DIY”wich are called Mes Bijoux & Accessoires Fleuris”, “Ma déco de Table Fleurie” & “Des fleurs pour Mon Mariage”.

She sold her shop in July 2017. Attracted by more freedom, Claire wishes to devote herself to weddings, events and mentoring and creates "Minuit Sauvage", a new universe that plays with shadow and light, where souls express themselves and exalt mystery and magic and where shades of pink remain at the heart of her work. Today, her talent is recognized by the leading fashion and beauty brands by collaborating on prestigious events.

They trust her :
3 Rivières, Aberlour, Acqua Di Parma, By Terry, Céleste Production, Chaumet, Cosmopolitain, Estée Lauder, Glen Grant, Halloween Agency, Lanvin, Les Grandes Voix, Lina Prokofieff  (Photographe Plasticienne), L’oréal Luxe, Musée de la chasse et de la nature, North Communication, Paola Hivelin (Peintre Plasticienne), Printemps, Prix de Diane Longines, Macallan, Management Artist, Sephora, Sessùn, Shorcut Paris, Ventes Privées, Victoria’s Secret ...